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Student Testimonials

Kitty S.

Awesome instructors

"Shane and Shannon gave me the best ballroom instructions for 1.5 years. I have had many instructors before but no one has the proper knowledge to teach me what to do and what not to do. With proper techniques, my quality of dance has improved tremendously in a short amount of time so I can be free to work on emotions and feelings of the music which is what dance is all about. If you want to learn how to dance to the maximum of your potential they are the ones to go to."

Neha A.

Shannon rocks!

"Shannon is such and awesome and super dance instructor. She could teach ballroom dancing to my husband with two left feet!! The way she understands her student's hiccups and explains how to get over those is just amazing."

Susan C.

The Jensen's are amazing dance teachers!!!

"My husband & I took lessons from the Jensen's in CT and they are amazing teachers! They are not only knowledgeable but are extremely personable and make you feel welcome. We looked forward to our lessons and always had such a positive experience!!!"

Patrick C.

The Jensen's- the BEST Dance Teachers!!!

"Shannon was my incomparable dance teacher for almost four years. Her dedication to the dance experience and strong encouragement for me made every dance lesson enjoyable. I highly recommend Shannon to anyone who wants to be the best they can be.

On a side note, I know my wife feels the same way about Shane!"

Aleksandra L.

Shane and Shannon Jensen: Phenomenal Dance Teachers!

"Shane and Shannon Jensen are exceptional dance teachers. I had the pleasure of working with them on theatre arts and cabaret over a four year period beginning after they graduated from BYU around 2012. They have a solid grounding and superior understanding of ballroom and Latin dance in terms of technique and syllabus from their college days taking courses and competing in dance. However, they have taken that training and developed it into masterful teaching. I witnessed their growth as both teachers as well as performers and competitors throughout the time I worked with them. I also viewed the fine results they achieved with other students they taught and/or competed or performed with. If you are interested in learning ballroom or Latin dance or are already practicing the art I heartily recommend them as they are phenomenal professional teachers and more importantly they are highly ethical and fine human beings!"

Lori B R.

Shane and Shannon are Special

"How can you put into words how much fun and enlightening it is to dance with Shane and Shannon. Not only are they remarkable teachers, but they are the most humble, kindest people you will ever get to know. They are capable, professional and kind. Shane and Shannon pass their love and joy of dancing to their students. It is a true honor to have them as your teachers."

Nickie L.

Training with the Jensens

"I worked with Shane and Shannon on lifts for a show number. They are professional and dedicated to giving you the best technical training. They are sweet, fun, and great to work with. Hopefully will work with them again."

Julie T.

Great dance instructors

"Shane taught me so much more than just dance technique. First of all, he is fun, patient, and knows how to teach dance. I learned to embrace who I am and my quirks thanks to him. He taught me about listening to music and how dance can be therapeutic after a hard day. I could go on, but there's not space enough. Basically, anyone would be lucky to get lessons from him. 


Shanon taught me more how to embrace being feminine, mainly walking in heals and not injuring myself. She had such a way of making me NOT feel self-conscious about how I looked or moved. I miss her energy at the studio too. She's lovely and a great person on top of all the talent she has."

Doug G

Best Instructors you will ever find!

"I have been ballroom dancing for several years and have taken lessons from many instructors. I can honestly say that Shane and Shannon Jensen are two of the most talented and knowledgeable teachers you can learn ballroom dancing from.
Their dance background from BYU combined with the coachings they have received from some of the best professionals in the world can be taught to you in a manner that is easily comprehended. 

They also are pleasant and friendly to be around. You feel very at ease with them in your lesson while gaining confidence and improvement in your dancing, be it for social purpose or if you wish to compete.

Please stop by their studio and schedule a lesson with them. You will not regret it!"

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